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Financial aid problems

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Capella University - Financial aid problems
Capella University - Financial aid problems - Image 2

I am currently enrolled in capella,started in November,was supposed to start in October. I should have known when I was told my educational statement was illegible when it was returned in the mail unopened that this school is fraudulent.

I got my first financial aid disbursements with no problem. This time I received nothing, I am getting charged everyday for classes I am not taking, and somehow I owe money. So far since January 24th, I have had 4 disbursements that should have been only 2,and they are small amounts.

I was told that my financial aid would cover everything, I do not understand the charges hat keep getting added, nor do I understand how I keep seeing my tuition, that these disbursements should have already covered since I am in the 5th week of class, keeps going up for the winter quarter. Can someone please tell me what to do before I am broke because of Capella.

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User's recommendation: Do not enroll in Capella.

Terri L Ihn
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Heartbreaking Ending

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I was a student at Capella University, and completed all of my courses except the last two chapters of my final dissertation. The reason I could not finish my dissertation was a lack of participants in my research study.

One of my three advisors on my initial dissertation committee had advised me not to go ahead with my study fearing a lack of participants. The other advisors told me to go ahead with it. I chose to follow the majority to my detriment. When I went ahead with it, I had only one participant.

Then they told me I would have to start a new dissertation. I quit attending at that point. I had completed every course, my three residencies, and the entire dissertation process up to the last two chapters. When I later checked into coming back, they told me the time limit had elapsed, and I could not finish the program.

In the meantime, I had spent all of my money on the program and ended up with not even a second masters for my effort! I am sadly disappointed in Capella. I had wonderful experiences up to that point, but then I was not allowed to do anything to fix the situation and complete my PhD.

I had enjoyed every part of Capella and the entire learning experience, including the challenging classes and residencies. I really am unhappy that I was unable to graduate with my PhD.

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  • Excellent instruction
  • Challenging courses
  • Dissertation process
  • Problem solving
  • Poor communication

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

User's recommendation: Do not attend Capella!!!

Elisabeth H Dgt

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No response for my inquiry

Hello, I have not received a response from Capella University and would like some direction on how to proceed
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Preferred solution: Answer to my inquiry for a name change on my diploma

map-marker Saint Paul, Minnesota

PSA- long, however please read. Capella University So, as most of you know, I’ve been pursuing my doctorate of nurse practitioner degree through Capella. It’s been a long, heavy road. I recently

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PSA- long, however please read.

Capella University

So, as most of you know, Ive been pursuing my doctorate of nurse practitioner degree through Capella. Its been a long, heavy road.

I recently just submitted a 70+ page project charter, which is somewhere between a dissertation and a thesis to keep it in easy, understandable terms.

That project charter was approved by two highly regarded professors with Capella University. In fact, it required a secondary review. I received 100% on my second iteration.

Not to mention two other professors had an opportunity to read my project. I cannot testify or verify the validity of whether they did that or not. However, Im guessing not, since this is the first time that this has been mentioned.

Once I was enrolled in the next class which is where I am stuck now, class 9901 I went from achieving 100% on everything that I turned in to not being able to pass this class. Not even close!

A four- five page paper that I can normally write in less than an hour I have failed six iterations. SIX!

Somehow, someway, my project charter got approved And Capella University just kept on collecting my money, and now I cant move forward.

I met with the department chair on Thursday along with my academic coach (Zoom), who has known all along what my intent has been. I should be done with this program right now.

However, Capella is a for-profit university, and they have me sitting in a state of stagnation, where I literally cannot do anything. I am three classes away from graduation and they just are now telling me that my project charter is likely not going to be approved by an independent review board.

Really, how the *** did I get this far!! More importantly, how did I get this far successfully with non stop compliments.

Now, the brakes are on, and I have to sit and wait for the department chair to decide what the next process looks like. Meanwhile, like I said, Im continuing to be in the same billing cycle, so I am paying to sit here and do nothing; when I could be done.

Im also now at risk of losing my preceptor And potentially my practicum site. Which would require me to start all over. AFTER NEARLY A YEAR !!!

Buyer, beware with a Capella University.

I had such good luck with them during my masters degree and now that Im on this flex path it literally is all about money in my opinion.

I am so beyond disappointed that I have no words to describe how I feel







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User's recommendation: BUYER BEWARE

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Unsolicited emails

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I literally receive 2-3 emails from you every single day. They have ignored my request for them to stop.
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User's recommendation: Realize that they are totally indifferent to even the most simple of requests.

map-marker West Chester, Pennsylvania

They don't have trained faculty mentors to support students.

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Faculty Dr. Cynthia Dyson is an adjunct faculty, who is discriminate against students, and she does not know what she is doing. She will simply give you a good grade to make you fail in the end; Capella gets the money. But the student will not get a chance to defend their dissertation.
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User's recommendation: Never

Juanetta G Acr

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About an enrollment

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I was told that I only had 2 classes remaining to obtain my masters in EDU and after jumping through hoops and putting up with so much from Capella; you all changed the goalpost and I find this to be very disturbing and anyone applying to this school should know how fraudulent you all really are.
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User's recommendation: Seek other schools because Capella is not a legitimate school.

Deborah P Iql

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| map-marker Camden, Maine

I attended this fraudulent PhD program in 2009-****--this school from 2002-**** wiped out 8-10,000 of their PhD Students those years leving them 121-300,000 today in Federal Student Aid debt..

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Original review Apr 15, 2023

The current 2022 legal settlement applies to two cases at Capella University and they are taking their time to pay. What a joke on American Higher Education.

This is a ploy to let the public think these 8-10,000 PhD former Capella Students issues from (2002-****) has been resolved. They have NOT. Please DO NOT BE FOOL---

Those fraudulent practices of use by Capella Univ.on their PhD Students those first (2002-****) years still exist. Software manipulation has been one of their tools used those years --while student work trained their entire PhD Dissertation Faculty from (2010-****).

Many of those (2002-****) PhD Students remain today $ 200,000+ in Federal Student Aid debts.today 2023. -- In 2014 with their next step Capella took-- with the Flex Path program this & new software CR#3 allowed this University to finally recover. Their Flex Path was "the cover-up" with their GRADUATE DEGREES. When during 2010-****...many PhD students were manipulated to fail-these are "A" Students with Master degrees.

So then they fail in an Exam or will to be moved to a second Masters degrees (they did not need or want) & with a few more courses. What would you all do if your Future Career was lost. That degree shift allowed those Students now a 2nd Masters degree. These former PhD students would be considered then-- Graduated.

This creative manipulation at Capella increased that Graduated # Rate, so Capella would qualify---for Title IV Federal Student Aid funds. None of the.several Regulating Agencies caught this (2009-****). As a result this University simply continued to ruin thousands of PhD student because of their ON-line status until about 2015. Minn.

and America needed this University during COVID as it was wholly ON-line --but at what cost to we Former Capella PhD Students (2002-****) who deserve justice still. All the evidence remains at the Minn. OHE still from 5/2018 in 5 boxes. It is currently at the Minn.

AG office since 2/2019 and we wait for their action still. The OHE has been applauding Capella for these many years with Comm.

Olson. Still w

ith former PhD students having these $200,000+ Debts incurred by this University, it is they-this Capella University-- that should be paying back the Federal Student Aid to the Taxpayers for the rape of these 8-10,000 former Capella PhD students & America's FSA accounts...don't you think?

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User's recommendation: Capella is fine now--Student damage done they are under close watch and would not dare to err now.

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Unable to Graduate

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As a former student of Capella University I experienced the bait and switch situation! I was attending Capella 2014-**** in there Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Program. However, due to the pandemic I was unable to find the required internship to graduate. Therefore, I was dismissed from the program. I am so disappointed in the whole process! Now I am left with student loan debt and no graduation! In addition, I was told I need 8 more classes if I wish to get a masters degree in general psychology. I cant afford more debt!
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User's recommendation: Do not attend this online University

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Poor handling of financial aid! Poor customer service!

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The amount need to attend the Flexpath program changed 3 times. This caused me to borrow additional funds and or pay out of pocket. Then suddenly I had $4000 more borrowed than I needed. Then I only had $1200 more than I needed. Talked to 4 people, different answers from all 4 as to what, why and how this occurred. Still feel like money was taken by them that shouldn't have been. Pay close attention to your financial aid amounts and where/when it is used!!!
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User's recommendation: Watch your financial aid amounts carefully!!!

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Financial Aid

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I started my first class at Capella 8/9/2021 and still to this did have not been awarded financial aid. It has been a back and forth between my former school I transferred from and Capella. I have never transferred schools in the middle of an academic year. I still have unused funds that were returned to the lender and can have that awarded to me, but both schools are being difficult. I am in the 3rd week of my second class and still nothing.
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User's recommendation: Be upfront and forthright with students. If there is an issue with the financial aid, let the student know ahead of the game so they are not in my predictament.

map-marker Hollywood, Florida

Thieves they are

Had strait A grades 3 yrs. PhD in Education...they burned me on the last 1 credit. They did not give me the 30 day redo period. They gave me 5 days. Stupid they contract out the PhD end of program to others an your degree hinges on an outside venue to decide your life. They are bias to many that do not believe their new age educationa curriculums
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User's recommendation: Stay away...they lie and have no value


The volume of negative reviews and complaints about this "university" with the BBB would be enough to make me run in the opposite direction.


"Strait" A? Clearly this school is bunk if this is the best you can do.

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Deborah P Iql

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8 years and still seeking justice for Capella University PhD fraud (2002-****)

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8 years and still seeking justice for Capella University PhD fraud (2002-****)
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8 years and still seeking justice for Capella University PhD fraud (2002-****) - Image 2
Updated by user Oct 14, 2022

DO NOT BE FOOLED--- CAPELLA PhD FRAUD from (2002-****) is NOT OVER.. Remember our 100's of PhD Complaints that went to NCA/HLC, Minn.

AG & OHE Offices by 2012--OUR fraud issues with Capella University was with the PhD program that did not EXIST from (2002-****) have not yet been addressed. (The recent Capella "little" legal settlement has FOOLED YOU ALL. That is the cover-up. It is for 2 -3 students (2013,2014 and after)with "Doctor of" DO degrees for EdD or Nursing and their settlement for these few ---came long after our PhD degrees were taken from 8 to *10,000+ Students from those earlier years.

DO NOT BE FOOLED!No one-- NO ONE not any regulating agency has addressed the needs of these former PhD student-- who originally began the PhD program - most are "A" students. There at this new University that PhD Program comes in parts- First 1.5-2.0 years for learning what PhD NEW Researching is all about-- Those are basic courses on the several different Topics & Types of Research work & approaches to it that we could take. Then, the Comprehensive exam followed 3 questions 28 days with all Research referenced for that Subject Matter. --(The new Capella law suit mentioned -a Bait and Switch degree) But for our 53 former PhD representative group of those damaged 8-10,000 other PhD Student from (2002-****) that Comp was where this destruction of their Education began to happen.Comp Readers failed many ( A students) a this phase.

Instead, and for us--there was no Dissertation phase to come later, WE had to create that template and program to train the new PhD faculty first.That took 2 years until 2013. Instead for us prior to 2010-**** there were not Part-time trained or Qualified PhD Diss. faculty at this level for the intense Research work to come at a wholly On-line University. Few Students made it to or ...through the PhD Dissertation (2009-****) or while the template was in development.

(The Capella FLEX path program & -the new DO's degrees is what MASKED this). For the PhD 5-15% of Capella Students it was intentional PhD Student destruction that occurred from (2002-****-)-While creeatively Capella called both degrees a DOCTORATE and/or they also called them "Graduate degrees" and hiding the fact that those guillotined PhD students / were reduced to 2nd Masters instead). FOOLED YOU ALL THEY DID. The PhD degree is UNIQUE it is NEW Research work--never been done before.

(While that new DO builds off of other Studies works). SO since earlier about 2008, most PhD students from the other 4 University schools-Ed, Business & It, Public Safety and Psych-- were just guillotined here at the Comps. Others were stopped dead and while corralled--repeated and repeated their work in different formats-- and until their Student Aid was used to its exhaustion. Capella did this with clear mind and full intentions to recover their ongoing PhD degree failings-Then to recover all, in 2010-11 their 327 paid Recruiters brought 500+ new PhD Admissions into one new school--SoPSL--these PhD students were often sacrificed later in 2012 -**** as too long in the program-many were just dumped.

It was then only in 2011 Capella hired the Part-time Dissertation Mentors Faculty always needed for the full time Dissertation phase. --Instead of their Mentoring PhD student work, it took 2 more years for PSL PhD Students to TRAIN (28 x2) THEM-(first time failed)- for this Capella University-wide PhD Diss. faculty . These other PhD Students who were capture by then and waiting instead were easily $80-150,000 in debt.

And they are still there today 10/14/22. Their needs are for YOUR ATTENTION as still their debts grew exponentially soon again 1/2023 .(Yes the Biden $10,000 aid is helpful for the other 30 fraud Universities- and is a blessing for many) --But the debts for these 8-10,000 often 40 year olds with families---still reached 200,000+ -300,000 and STILL exists. Those 7 State, Federal and Formerly -appointed Regulating agencies NCA/HLC, CFPB, FTC and etc., even the US OIG DEPT OF ED then were doing nothing through 2012. It has taken to this date 10/14/2022 for them to finally begin to stabilize Higher Education in America- But they never even looked back at the trail of destruction left behind them.

FOR CAPELLA: This 2018 "Evidentiary Proof" is there at the Minn. OHE-- it was destroyed by their own OHE hands--but still there none-the -less. To help these PhD Students CAPELLA MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE-those 5 boxes of Evidentiary DATA that I have sent 5/10-18 through 7/2018- still remains with the Minn. Office of Higher Ed.

They too have done nothing. Do not begrudge these former Capella PhD Students their recovery. They worked too hard for you, for their Research work to help you- for you now to find fault with them. They are innocent, suffering, financially destroyed STUDENTS dedicated to all and without a PhD degree YOU NEED TO HELP THEM STILL--Oh!

....some Capella PhD's settled (with a few more courses & 2-3 more 10 week Quarters--i.e., more money for Capella). They were then given THAT offer of... a 2nd Masters to get SOMETHING ( This greatly also helped Capella with their Graduate DEGREE rating for more Federal Student Aid).--While the PhD was what they earned ----but instead that PhD DEGREE was taken from them.

( I personally did (3) Complete PhD Research Dissertations with Complete Literature Reviews-- when only 1 is required --before being removed. Time to stand up for JUSTICE!

Original review Jul 11, 2020
This University in (2002-****) at its 4 University Schools did not have qualified PhD faculty to teach its PhD Dissertation phase. There were no part time PhD faculty for these PhD students hired for this full time higher level PhD degree until after 2011.

Nor was there any on-line program that was effective for the Faculty training of all PhD faculty developed until after 2012. In 2011 they laid off 110 faculty and staff disrupting many PhD students progress to that date. Then the University newly hired 65 Part-time with training requirement at this wholly on line school. The training took a good year.

Finally by 2013 there were part time PhD Faulty for this full time PhD Dissertation phase. To get that training program the University used their committed PhD students to develop that training program that was suggested to take 10 weeks but turned into 2 years with the failures that followed this process. The PhD program itself was disconnected, incomplete and dysfunctional during most of this time from 2002-****. Capella then in 2009 hired 327 Paid Recruiters and added more chaos to the PhD Student Population-- That Chaos that resulted created havoc so the University followed this in 2011-**** used their Comprehensive Exam step to cut many students or dissuade them from their PhD as many were too long in the program already-(This Comp.Exam step is just prior in the PhD program ---to the student entering their PhD Dissertation were the trained faculty did not exist).

So instead of progressing these students the University used the Comp. Exam to cut many (A&B) PhD students but only after taking much of their Student Loan FSA funds. NOTE: This Comprehensive Exam was given the quarter (@ $4500+) after those 1.5-2 years of PhD regular class quarters were taken by these committed PhD Students. Around 2010-11 this Comp.

Exam worked as the guillotine to these PhD students already in the program for several years it stopped them right before the PhD Dissertation phase while for 2 years it trained a group of their PhD faculty. Then 2013 it provided that template to all the other University schools for their faculty training that takes minimally 2 quarters. Then after telling these long time students (formerly all A& B students-now that they failed this exam (by Univ. fraud & dishonesty) they had them repeat it and fail another quarter twice- Then Capella offered them a 2nd Master's degree instead of their earned PhD or dropping out, or being administratively withdrawn etc..

But they also had to take a few more courses to get the Masters $$$. (Meanwhile during this time 2010-****) there were also another succinct group of Capella PhD students (SoPSL) used to develop the university wide PhD faculty training program--to these PSL PhD Students it was suggested to take 10 weeks but later after 2 years it was finally developed. Many of these Capella PhD Students were let go-- as they had been corralled and/or recirculated too long in the program. Also because this a wholly on line University, they used their Courseroom #2 (CR2 Software) to manipulate the records so all of these infractions were easy to manipulate with complaining PhD students placed in private classrooms etc.

& with no grievances answered they finally made that software disappeared. When the Cr3 Software replaced it. That Software CR3 was created 1/2013 to finally actualized the new PhD Faculty training program for all the 4-5 University schools at Capella with their PhD program, and; now with PhD faculty training program beginning on this newly hired 2011-now Part time faculty. This is only the beginning of the damage done to 8-10,000 PhD students who now are $250,000 + in debt and never to recover-with no PhD degrees.

For the past 8 years we 53 former Capella University PhD students--have been seeking justice and wait still for the Minn. Office of Higher Education OHE to act on our many Capella Complaints. With PhD Students Complaints first filed in 2012--then the Minn. OHE deferred us to the NCA/HLC who cut the NCA division itself---instead of acting on their many Capella PhD complaints & while the NCA instead had attempted to work Capella through its "Change Management" new protocols & many failings.

We 53 former Capella PhD students filed more Complaints with the Minn OHE in 2018. We wait still for the MInn. OHE Comm. Olson office to answer these many Complaints .....The Minn Ag office also has 25+ more Capella Complaints at their office.

Lets not forget those filed also with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also or CFPB.
How much longer do we need to wait for justice-they- the Minn OHE have boxes of physical evidence and do nothing yet---see Sen Harkin 2012 report on For-profit University fraud---You will find Capella University there and note--no graduated PhD students? Do not think this University is honorable--they have total disregard for their students. For that point forward @ 2011 Cap. instead used the term "Graduate Degree" to include those high numbers of 2nd Masters student #s--- who now received Masters again instead of their earned PhDs--That is how Capella continued to get more Federal Student Loan funds.

We want justice still--even Coronovirus can not protect this fraudulent PhD program at this University. Now Capella is promoting a shortened program Flexpath Doctorate "Doctor of "degree---beware it is not a PhD and they will take your money & it may harm you. So today?

Capella University is doing fine. There were 8-10,000 PhD students harmed from (2002-****) & many are sick and/or financially destroyed for their lifetime.
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  • Phd program fraud 2002-2015
  • Financial disaster
  • Customer service nor quality of faculty

Preferred solution: Full tuition refund to 8-10,000 former PhD students in attendence (2002-2015)

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After 8 years, No One Cares....

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Emily L Cqu

To inform others

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I applied to Capella right before the pandemic and shut downs, my first class started in that April. My organization I worked for was greatly impacted by the pandemic and I received news I had to move me and my child to another state to keep my job at another facility. Capella was so unsupportive. I was trying to get out of a lease, organize a move and everything was shut down, in addition to leaving family behind. I was fighting back so much emotion explaining all this to my counselor and he said "do the best you can do". I asked if I could change my start date but he said it was after the drop date and there was nothing I could do. Simultaneously I was receiving emails from Capella stating how they were helping students that were effected by the pandemic. Not in the least. I wrote multiple emails to the administration, and left 2 voice messages on a line they never answered. I never got one call back. I now have the bill for the entire first quarter even though I had to just drop out of the class. My coach would be typing as I was talking and hardly hearing or listening while I was in this situation. It was horrible.
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  • Degree major
  • Auto enrollment policy
  • Career services
  • Financial disaster

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Look for a supportive school

Michele C Rue

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Verified Reviewer

This school is all about Title IV money

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Capella University - This school is all about Title IV money
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This school is all about Title IV money. They will drain you dry then spit you out! Without a degree (regardless of how long you attended the school or grades you have passed). They DO NOT CARE about students!
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  • Deceptive grading practices

Preferred solution: My Ph.D. degree


1 comment

I know exactly what you are saying Capella just spit me out two weeks ago. I am supposed to graduate but my question was When?

I never got to graduate to get my Doctorate degree. Capella took all of my money and threw me under the bus. So I am looking to sue, to get my money back since they took me through the wringer.

I have read about other students who have been duped as well. Thanking you in advance YB

Amy O Efq

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Verified Reviewer
| map-marker Billings, Montana

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!! Horrific school; class action lawsuit...

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

I have tried numerous times to access financial aid to see what, if anything, I have been awarded. I have gotten no where with trying a chat with the dept; when I attempt to access my financial information I receive an error, and yes - I have tried different browsers.

I called them, was on hold for over 40 minutes, finally just left my call-back number. Received a call - it rang ONCE - not enough time to even hit the answer button. Called them back, again left my number. Just received another call and again - it rang ONCE.

I am beyond frustrated with this school, and no one will help me. I am now completely done with my degree and STILL have no idea if I've been awarded financial aid!!

With as easy as it is to spread the word about an incompetent school, I am very surprised that Capella is allowing this to happen. There is already a class action lawsuit against this school; I would think that this organization would change their ways...

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Capella University was established by Dr. Harold Abel and Stephen Shank in 1991 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a for-profit online university that offers 15 certificate programs with over 1050 online courses and graduate degree programs in 136 specialized areas of study. The university provides bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in such areas as business, education, psychology, information technology, public safety, public health and human services. The majority training the university provides through the Internet. Capella University engages in training of students in 50 states and 52 foreign countries. Capella University provides tuition options and other benefits to alliance programs participants, including up to 200 corporations, a quater of U.S. community colleges and public schools.

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