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I am a past learner who decided to return to Capella for a second degree after almost 10 years.I enrolled in a class on May 8th of this year and withdrew the second week just to find out that I am still responsible for the entire cost of the course.

Attempted to work with the school but was informed that my name was sent to collecting agency. I never heard from the agency and only got in touch with someone from that office after I return a missed call. I spoke to their representative who informed me that my name was being sent to all 3 credit bureaus regardless of whether I work out a payment plan with them within the next two weeks. The only way to stop that from occurring is to pay the full amount owe or pay the settlement amount (which is $100 less than the total amount).

It is so upsetting that not only am I required to pay for a course that I dropped out of but my credit is going to be impacted as a result for the next couple of years.

I am consulting with a lawyer and definitely plan on fighting this.So please, do yourself a favor and DO NOT waste your money on this school.

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns. Please send us an email with your name and contact information to learnersupport@capella.edu and we will have a team member reach out to you.

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