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TIME TO GET CAPELLA UNIVERSITY SHUT DOWN & THE *** BAG "LEADERSHIP" TO PAY! Refer to this site (although in 2010), as it MAY BE able to HELP YOU! November 05, 2010 11:06 AM (EDT) -- BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -(BUSINESS WIRE)--Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP (“Robbins Geller”) (http://www.rgrdlaw.com/cases/capella/) today announced that a class action has been commenced on behalf of an institutional investor in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota on behalf of purchasers of the common stock of Capella Education Company (“Capella” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: CPLA) between February 16, 2010 and August 13, 2010, inclusive (the “Class Period”), seeking to pursue remedies under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”).


Preferred solution: Full refund.

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The department of higher education is working with Capella do don’t waste your time filing a complaint with thdm, they told me my allegation against Capella was a misunderstanding and I did not understand what the school was trying to do. I thought their department was to be neutral if you have a complaint file eith the office in DC.


Capella has changed a grade on a previous class I took so I have to retake it and the class I was in basically was null and void and already paid for. So I believe Capella is being deceptive by making students pay for classes over again with financial aid money from the government.

If the want students to retake a class they should pay for it.

The class they want me to retake I passed and they came back several months later and changed my grade to failing. I want to join the lawsuit.

to Carrie Tipton #1450964

Hi, Carrie - Email me and I'll get you 'class action lawsuit' info.Thanks - JOHNjohnleebass@gmail.com


I started school in 2014 at capella in Dec 2015, I was told I needed a Hysterectomy I called Lauren my student Aid counselor and told her that in the beginning of the year I needed to take an FMLA from school for recovery time not to mention I have Crohn’s disease diagnosed in 2014 so I was a highrisk surgery to begin with. Jan 5th my surgeon filled out the FMLA FORM and signed it Jan 13th 2016 I was told to summit the paper work as per my counselor.

Feb 12th was my surgery date, My counselor told me to go ahead and take the time i need. I was due back April 25th 2016. On April first I received a phone call stating that if I did not log into class I was gonna be thrown out of school. Mind you I’ve been out of school on FMLA since January I told the lady who had called me that I was out out of school due to a surgery and I had gotten two infection since then and I’ve been in the hospital.

And I have already submitted on my paperwork and my counselor told me that it was fine she checked the system then and said that there was nothing submitted and that I am not on FMLA this was April. And they billed me for fApril May and June . Because they purposely pushed me into a fifth billing cycle since they did not take me out of class during my FMLA. 2,200 is what I was told I had to pay.

The school since financial Aid did not cover it. They first said i was in the middle of a billing cycle and could not take out for an FMLA is proved to the school I request off before that cycle started. Then they said I was logged in class I summoned the email when I questioned my counselor admitted she logged me in to keep me active they allowed me to continue in school till Nov 2016 3 mo till my graduation then expelled me from school till I paid them the 2,200.

Oh and I had submitted my one assignment literally 5 min past midnight waiting on their plagiarism checker to give me back my page and they failed my for that class. They also received my senior year tuition and would not even take the money out of there to pay back the 2,200.

to Divinity White #1418740

If you need info/are interested regarding our legal pursuit against this fraudulent "school" CAPELLA, feel free to email me & I'll send it to you ASAP. Presently, "we" have the State of Minnesota Dept of Higher Education, Veterans Affairs Admin., the FTC, Attorney Generals, Congress, & legal team investigating this misleading, fraudulent "school" for numerous stall tactics - all for monetary gain, unfair & unethical business practices - just to list a FEW of this deceptive & fraudulent CORPORATE/FOR-PROFIT "school" that puts its shareholders & profits FIRST, not its "LEARNERS"!



to John Lee Bass #1434278

Yes!! Sign me up!!

to Anonymous #1434280

Add me to the lawsuit list. Contact me at Jechell1@att.net.

to John Lee Bass #1434996

What can you help us?

to John Lee Bass #1435428

Please add me to the list


to John Lee Bass #1437716

My wife is attending Capella, she is a straight "A" student and has fulfilled all of the requirements to graduate, there is only one thing she need to do to graduate and it is a dissertation or research project. She was approved to do the research project and completed it in 2016, they told her the requirements had changed and she need to do something different to meet the requirements to graduate.

Here it is a year and a half later and they are giving her new requirements to meet the research project. They are asking her to put back in things they told her to take out a year and a half ago. My wife already Phd but can't seem to graduate from Cappella. I think they are changing the requirement so she can't graduate and has to spend more money to complete the requirements.

I have an electrical engineering degree and several master's degrees.

I've never seen a college that can't tell a person over a year and half what requirements the need to complete to complete research project. As you can imagine my wife is very frustrated.Frustrated and Stressed out Husband

to Michael #1610673


to John Lee Bass #1444667

Please send me any info that may help me take legal action against capella.

to dsimmons159 #1445199

please email me at: johnleebass@gmail.comto join group, receive info/update, law firm intake form

to John Lee Bass #1473868

John,I just wanted to share my story with you as well to see if you can help me. I began Capella in 2007 in the Ed Psych PhD program.

I was working full time and could only take 1 class a quarter so it took me some time to finish course work. Once I did I paid for 2 quarters while I tried to find a mentor and committee. Almost everyone I emailed said that they were too busy to help me out. I asked my advisor to help and they said it was my responsibility to find them.

Once I did I passed my comps and began my dissertation process. While I liked my mentor, I do not feel she was as helpful as possible. Any how, she approved my dissertation, and so did my committee. I figured passion the school part was just a formality.

I was dead wrong. The first lady they had read it returned it 3 times, once without even re-reading in and providing new corrections. They then sent it to a different person. When I complained that I felt this was unethical, I was told they could have who ever they wanted read it.

Dr. Hauser read 23 pages and returned it saying I need an editor. I hired one and paid out of pocket for the service. I turned it back in and Dr.

Hauser refused to read it, stating it was a different paper then he saw before! NO kidding, I worked with an editor for 6 months on it! He also stated that he had given me numerous corrections 2 weeks prior and there was no way it could be done. All of this was lies.At this time (2015) they said my time was up and was withdrawn from the school.

I had found an advocate through the school and was working with them at the time. I was guided to fight the withdrawal. I wrote an appeal letter and sent it in. They took from May 4th when I submitted my letter, until July 5th to let me know that I was not going to be allowed to finish the program.

NO ONE EVER READ MY DISSERTATION! I have competed dissertation, carried a 3.78 GPA, which was one of the reasons given for not letting me back in, and feel that this was completely wrong.I have a crap ton of student loan to pay back, I spent 8 years working on this and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

I really how you can help in some way, at least by listening. Thank youToya Eckard

to Toya Eckard #1473877

Hi, Toya - Sadly, your issues (Capella's business model) w/ Capella are very common - stall tactics, no responses from faculty/mentors, etc - - all for Capella's self-enrichment (hence, being a for-profit) & many other unethical, poor business practices to benefit shareholders & leadership, not its students. Class action lawsuit has been filed & awaiting Court's Motion.

You're welcome to join our FB site/chats ("Capella University SCAM"). All the best - J.B.

to Toya Eckard #1494441

Please add me to this group. I would love to file. Contact me at trixxu1@gmail.com


Please add me to the list and contact me as well. elbebo22@yahoo.com


Capella is not facing a class action lawsuit at this time. The claim of the class action lawsuit referenced here is outdated.

It was not brought about by students or alumni and was dismissed in 2012.

If you visit the law firms website, you will see that Capella does not appear on the list of up-to-date, recently filed securities cases. https://www.rgrdlaw.com/cases.html

to Capella_U #1358526

No, not perhaps at

PRESENT, but CAPELLA is being monitored & pursued - soon ! ! !

to Capella_U #1378312

Not NOW, but CAPELLA will be soon! You're gonna' be SHUT DOWN and fined just like UNIV OF PHONEIX!

Stop your lying and deceptive business practices! DISGUSTING!

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