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I submitted an application (on-line) to Capella University and paid a $50.00 admission fee.I sent an email request directly to Capella requesting that my admission request NOT BE PROCESSED.

I subsequently sent 4 more email request. Well, not only did the go ahead and process my application, I've received phone calls and a welcome packet.

I was actually finally promised a refund which a month later I have not received.Capella's email system WORKED FINE WHEN I FILLED OUT THE APPLICATION, but now IT DOESN'T SEEM TO WORK AT ALL, BECAUSE I GET NO RESPONSE TO REQUESTS FOR A REFUND.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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dbcjuris - I know your post is from 2010, but I just wanted to add something here.I am not a fan of Capella at all, but everything you said sounds like you are trying to avoid any responsibility.

The fact is, the school is NOT responsible for your old computer, not having time to finish FAFSA, your illness, whether you charged stuff on your credit card, and everything else you mentioned. Plus, a degree from 1975 is generally not even counted. And, so, you are an RN. It sounds like you are a two-year RN and not a BSN.

Therefore, it is not at the bachelor's level.

No one was forcing you to enroll.What does raising kids, and all the other extraneous things you mentioned have anything to do with this?


I'm on the same boat as you.I paid for everything out of pocket.

And I have called and emailed, yet no refund.

I will get my legal office to call.Do not apply to Capella, they only want your MONEY!


Thanks, Steph.But as of today, (5-13), still no refund, email, phone call.

I have sent 5 or emails with no response(although my application was responded to and my credit card was charged). I sent an email on 4-11, which was the same day I submitted my app.

requesting NOT TO PROCESS MY APPLICATION.It was processed the following day 4-12, and I was charged.

Cleghorn, Iowa, United States #141936

Hy Dbcjuris,

I'm community mgr. at Capella and came across your post. I'm going to forward it on to some people here to try to get your refund expedited and get your name off of receiving phone calls. I'm sorry that you've had this experience with Capella.



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