1. CAPELLA “faculty” member (“Dr.”) Diane Stottlemyer, in fact “BOUGHT” her degrees from a diploma mill called, “Lacrosse University”.

Stottlemyer even lists her “fake degrees” in her book (http://safari.oreilly.com/0735711410/pref02). 2. The Government Accounting Office (GAO) issued a report to Congress about “diploma mills”, including the “diploma mill” that Stottlemyer BOUGHT her degrees. Additionally, as stated by NPR, “There seems to be too many problems with ethics concerning the “for-profit” CAPELLA, with CAPELLA having at least one [known] professor (Stottlemyer) that the “school” has kept on staff - - despite the fact that Stottlemyer “bought” [her] degrees from a diploma mill, and she too is another CAPELLA faculty member being sued for plagiarizing / claiming another student's work / research”.

3. (“Dr.”) Diane Stottlemyer remains on faculty at CAPELLA, and remains listed in its “catalog” (www.capella.edu/catalog). Why any university would keep such an instructor who having bought “fake degrees” certainly raises a lot of questions about CAPELLA’s ethics and its commitment to quality education to its students (“learners”). 4.

NPR posted an article about CAPELLA’s [aggressive, false] student recruitment tactics - - clearly revealing the “schools” motives and their having to meet sales goals (quotas)! Also, NPR mentions that CAPELLA’s primary emphasis (concern) is only on its revenue stream and that anyone attending a nonprofit school would not only be more cost effective for students, but also provide them a “reputable degree”. The article also quotes one of CAPPELA's former enrollment counselors (aka really just “salesmen”) discussing CAPELLA’s pressures to make a profit - - all which troubled one former CAPELLA employee. Christopher Tassava stated that CAPELLA pressured its employees to keep the students paying, and that CAPELLA admits all of its student applicants.

Tassava, now working at Carleton College, often worried CAPELLA's customers (students / “learners”) didn't fully understand what they were getting into financially. "With CAPELLA, the impetus is always to keep the student making progress," Tassava said, in addition to Tassave saying, “Often there wasn't a lot of progress discernible - - making progress often reduced to, are you paying tuition or not and are you taking out student loans”. 5. The Pioneer Press posted a story about a CAPELLA student suing a CAPELLA instructor (Dr.

Sharon Bender) for plagiarizing / “stealing” her doctoral work (research / writing). One would think that it is extremely rare for a student to actually sue an instructor, but the fact that Sharon Bender works for CAPELLA is also very disturbing, thus only further contributing to the ethics and motives of this so-called “school”. 6. An audit by the Office of the Inspector General is a very serious matter, and another for-profit school (University of Phoenix) was recently fined $9 million dollars by the U.S.

Department of Education; therefore, CAPELLA is in serious trouble and no different with its unethical and unlawful practices! 7. It's difficult to tell how many lawsuits CAPELLA is involved in at present. However, there are several legal cases ongoing and certainly only more to follow.

While the Sharon Bender plagiarism case doesn't include CAPELLA (at least it doesn't appear that way), CAPELLA must certainly be involved in that case as Bender was one of its faculty members and was a faculty member for the student suing her. 8. It's difficult to say what's going on with CAPELLA's attempts to get accredited by the APA, as CAPELLA has been attempting for such accreditation for a long time and CAPELLA can't seem to achieve this much-needed status. 9.

Many CAPELLA students complain their instructors often do not grade their course assignments and/or provide little, if any, feedback, often not responding to their questions and/or weekly, required (course) comments/replies. 10. Students told that they’ve “failed” are often not provided any explanation for such failure, only to inhibit their ability to proceed successfully (and timely!) with their graduate program, and only having to reenroll (paying $4,200/course). 11.

Many CAPELLA students complain that CAPELLA faculty often do not adhere to the university’s grading rubrics and/or (required) APA format, and that many faculty members refuse to provide (any) feedback/details, or feedback/details in a timely manner; again, only costing its students additional, costly tuition. 12. Complaints submitted to CAPELLA leadership and/or faculty are typically ignored until after final grades are submitted and students are then told it is too late to re-grade assignments or exams. 13.

Many CAPELLA students have complained of “rude” or “abusive-type behavior” (responses) by CAPELLA faculty, and that such is not dealt with by CAPELLA leadership. Many students were even forced to continue under such conditions, without adequate (and/or timely) explanation, or worse, some students who have complained, indicate that they only experienced further delays, obstacles, difficulties, and further tuition (retaliation!). 14. Many CAPELLA students enrolled in their dissertation phase indicate that CAPELLA does not have sufficient faculty or committee members to provide the guidance or approvals to successfully move forward to complete their dissertation - again, having forcing its students to reschedule/extend their enrollment (owing more tuition!).

Some students even indicate that they’ve waited nearly 1-2 years just to have their dissertation defense reviewed/approved, yet having to continue to pay tuition. 15. Many CAPELLA students indicate that their dissertation proposal was rejected multiple times – even after CAPELLA later introduced its “SCIENTIFIC MERIT REVIEW” (SMR) process, even after many of its doctoral students were already in their dissertation phase prior to this later introduced “SMR”, only to further “set back” its dissertation phase students and cost them additional, unforeseen (expensive) costs! 16.

Some students have complained that they often had to wait as long as a year just for a simple telephone conference call/committee approval to defend their dissertation, as CAPELLA had/has insufficient faculty/committee members to join in on the scheduled conference call/student’s dissertation defense - - again, only postponing students' dissertation defense/graduation and only incurring $4,200/quarter.

17. Initially when PhD students began CAPELLA'S doctoral program, students were informed, as specified in the "school" catalog, that the dissertation phase (courses) would only cost $1,200/quarter; this of course changed with a students having to endure (since they) were at the "point of not return", only to be forced to pay a significant quarterly (course) rate hike up from the promised $1,200/quarter to $4,200/quarter!

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