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My question is when will this money-making scheme being promoted as an academic institution be exposed for what it truly is.Capella is a joke.

Since Capella is being traded on the NYSE, is it an academic institution or a business? The person who created this scheme is GENIUS. Selling unsuspecting learners a dream at the expense of maxed out financial aid and loans and leaving the program empty handed. Oh no my bad, not empty handed, but with a crap load of debt in tow.

The grand design is to charge exorbitant tuition at the rate of $4,500 per quarter. Yes, I said quarter! In the dissertation phase, there is little to no contact with mentors and little to no feedback quarter after quarter. I am convinced that mentors and the committee purposely do not review your work, so they can continue the vicious cycle of taking people's money.

Suddenly, $4,500 into the quarter, you realize that you have not progressed any further than when you started.A major investigation is needed and all learners should be refunded all the money paid into this joke and allowed to pursue a real education elsewhere.

Review about: Capella University Program.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.


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Just as the entertainment is currently being exposed for its sordid practices, so should Capella.It's time to take them down.

Financial aid counselors and other staff are not knowledgeable.Staff members are disguised as experts in their respective departments when they are actually CSR's in a customer service call center.


Beware of Capella. I am surprised that complaints that go back as far as 2010 have not been addressed through lawsuits or the closing of this money pit.



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